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phoebes 6GD


The installation is a investigation and documentation on Internet forum culture and it’s obsession with female imagery. Throughout the installation are references to important dates in forum culture, forum logos and infamous phrases. The dates of forum culture chosen to be examined are between 1994 and 2018, with emphasis on 1999 and 2003. These two dates represent the largest events between forum culture and mass media, such as the Columbine massacre and the creation of the anime forum website ‘4chan’.

The obsession with sexualising anime characters that aesthetically are designed to be appalling to young girls and the mass commercial distribution of these characters in the form of body pillows and figurines came from the young male obsession with these characters (usually female) and the love expressed for them over internet forums. The notorious website ‘4chan’ was invented exclusively to talk about anime and through this crowd the slow development into what the website is today started.

The installation is designed to simulate a computer screen